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What is Black Friday? 
date of Black Friday And how to benefit from it !

As the day nears for shopping lovers The Black Friday, many of us come up with imperative queries that require to be answered to take advantage of the nice discounts of these days. Especially the shipping procedures, so here could be a comprehensive guide till you receive the product in your home or ship it to your country.

?What is Black Friday 

It is simply an American tradition known as Black Friday that takes place immediately after Thanksgiving Day, especially in America, that enjoys a high percentage of discounts in stores on the ground and on-line stores.
They additionally contend to attract buyers through high discounts of up to 90% for some products
Also, the hourly offers on a specific product, like phones and others, are greatly depreciated at that moment and become a beautiful swag that day until the end of November.

 it's worth mentioning that most of the Christmas gifts are purchased that day due to the discounts that lead to a large crowd ahead of stores and you can watch some of them on YouTube, which generally reaches the quarrel, especially among ladies.

?When is Black Friday
Black Friday is held everywhere in the world, especially in foreign countries, and dealing hours are offered in stores to start out the dawn of Friday to accommodate the big number of customers wanting to purchase goods and win discounts.

However, the date varies from year to year. In the year 2016 on November 25, while in the previous year 2015 was the date of November 27, and in 2017 on November 27, it's important that it falls on the day after Thanksgiving, which comes at the end of November of every year usually.

?What is the reason naming Black Friday
Back in time to the start of 1869
It is the history of the financial crisis that happened in America from an economic recession
And financial losses led to a catastrophic recession
This led the stores to reduce prices 
and compete in terms of discounts to push consumers to buy a product and reduce losses because of stagnation in stores !.

Watch the Black Friday Madnessx 

This has become AN American tradition held each year, but why black!
Although it's a day that people are eagerly awaiting, it's called Black Friday
 because of choking, chaos, and congestion because of high traffic and people going out in large numbers to shop,
Another view is that black accounting refers to the disposal of products in warehouses
The red color indicates its stagnation.

?Are there discounts in the Arab world 
Friday in Islam is the most loved day to God so it's not valid to be called the Black Friday, which led to the change of the name to White Friday in the electronic shopping sites like and Jumia.
As for the offers, they're terribly weak in Arab sites and stores online and on the ground also, except for the Gulf countries that enjoy good discounts and offers, and the rest need to use searching from foreign sites.

What are the conditions required to avail the  offers
Determine whether you need to shop for one thing and are waiting for discounts like phones and laptops.
Determine whether you may be shopping for yourself from outside your country or if you do not have a Visa payment method, you may be assigned a payment broker.
In the case of the availability of a payment method, that may be a visa and has sufficient credit to shop for, I advise you to shop for electronics because it's simple customs clearance

? How to get a free address to ship 
shop and ship

It is a special service for Aramex company through which you'll get AN address in different countries like America, China, and UAE
  To ship the product to him from Amazon and for example and then ship it back to your country through Aramex.

The cost of creating an account is free using any of the following codes when creating the account:

After the account is created, copy the address of the country to that the product is shipped, and it'll be shipped back to you with a selected fee counting on the product type. Charging status of phones.

This is the simplest way to ship only 1 product, but if you would like to ship more than one product the second way is best.

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