The titan games with Dwayne Johnson

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The titan games with Dwayne Johnson

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Dwayne Johnson's new challenge promises to keep competitors and audience breathless

Created and made by the pair Dwayne Johnson and Arthur Smith, answerable for "America Ninja Warrior", BLAZE's new bet promises to push athletic contest to the limit in a challenge with men and girls determined to prove their physical strength and mental power. .

Competitors in "The Titan Games" can face relentless events designed by Dwayne Johnson, the host of the format, which is able to need all the speed, agility and stamina to be ready to conquer mount olympus and be acclaimed as a "Titan".

"The Titan Games" premieres at BLAZE this Thursday, October 17, at 10 pm. Arthur Smith, the manager producer, shared what to expect from SAPO magazine.

 - SAPO Magazine
What was the initial idea for "The Titan Games"? What Was undergoing changes?

Arthur Smith - Our Producer [A. Smith & Co.] has a long history and an extended passion for sport-related entertainment, so we are always wondering what the following step during this space are going to be. and that we have built an excellent relationship with NBC through the success of "American Ninja Warrior". So, a couple of years past, A. Smith & Co. and NBC began discussing and developing future major competition combining entertainment and sport. In parallel, maybe out of fate, Dwayne was developing a platform for a standard person to become a superhero. we couldn't have thought of somebody higher suited to be the face and catch the spirit of that challenge, so we tried to partner with Dwayne towards what became "The Titan Games".

Has extensive experience with sports related programs. What made the difference in this new challenge?

For nearly 3 decades, I have been lucky to work with the best of the best in entertainment and sports, from the start of my career in govt production of 3 Olympic Games to FOX Sports programming and production, through my own production company, that is chargeable for the "American Ninja Warrior" phenomenon, awarded many times in the Emmys. "The Titan Games" is a series of 10 episodes in which normal people that are wonderful athletes face insane challenges that check their mind, body, and heart. people who will stand the test and win the competition have the chance to become a Titan. Therefore, a Titan should be an elite contestant with the mental strength and sense of honor that enables him to face adversity and never, never quit. The Titans are our daily heroes - people that rise on top of the challenges of their lives and become an example that illuminates those around them.

In every episode, competitors face a series of exciting and never-before-seen challenges. people who overtake them can face Mount Olympus - the final word check of speed, strength, agility, endurance and, above all, determination. In every episode, a man and a lady are topped Titans. once eight men and eight ladies are topped, they'll compete in the epic battle "The Battle of the Titans," in which a man and lady can triumph by turning into the Titan Champion.

What was the biggest challenge in developing "The Titan Games"?

Designing a project of this magnitude invariably poses logistic challenges. the development of the tests was exhausting as we strove to make visually overwhelming and physically difficult competitions that tested our competitors' physical and mental limits and talents in a manner they'd never tasted before. the size and quality of those challenges were such that it had been difficult to find an area that might bring everything together. so we designed the Titan Arena and Mt. Olympus, in a huge area simply outside Los Angeles.

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What did Dwayne Johnson bring to the project as a presenter?

Dwayne Johnson incorporates what it means to be a Titan. He strives to challenge himself constantly and is usually the foremost dedicated person in the room. He wished to make a platform that might set the stage for those who struggle to do constantly in their daily lives. Dwayne is a serious case and an idea to many people around the world. we are honored to introduce you to the program and help athletes become the most effective version of themselves.

To what extent have the challenges been inspired by Dwayne Johnson's personal training?

Dwayne Johnson's proof directly impressed the program. one in all our producer's specialties is to make large-scale challenges, so we designed over one hundred. Dwayne brought all of her athletic information and pain resistance and helped America hone these challenges to become the most insane on tv. once viewers see the expressions of our competitors in events like hammering Ram, Atlas Smash, Herculean Pull, lunar Impact, Uprising, and Vortex, they'll definitely feel their pain.

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What surprises you most about competitors?

This program could be a platform for normal people to become heroes. all these people have normal jobs - we've got a man who is a driver who does his shift then trains for 3 hours, we've a 50-year-old grandma with a fantastic physical form and a tooth doctor who has 2 kids. people are shocked and impressed by the level of competitors without ceasing to relate to their life experiences. they're proof that no matter the circumstances, anyone will become a Titan during this program and especially in their own lives. while strength, speed, agility, and endurance are crucial to turning into a titan, nothing is more essential than having a champion's heart.

Have you ever experienced any of the challenges?

We have a team of professionals WHO check obstacles for safety before every program, but yes, I had the chance to check them and feel the challenges and difficulties. one of my favorites is the lunar Impact. In one episode, you will see 2 ladies competing in the biggest battle of strength in the lunar Impact. during this race, they have to climb a long ladder, push a large metal wall with the opponent on the opposite side. The goal is to defeat the opponent and push her off the platform (both of which are supported for safety reasons). On recordings, these 2 athletes and mothers met relentlessly, refusing to give up. The competition was so intense, and each had so much self-control, it took the United States over twenty minutes to crown the winner. In the end, they were both fully out of breath. and also the public too.

Are you planning more seasons?

Yes, we are starting pre-production for season 2. so enjoy the primary season and get ready for the coming "The Titan Games".


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