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Halloween The Night Waking Spirits
The Halloween festival falls on 31st October, during which the participants in the celebration masquerade in scary costumes, and one of the most famous symbols of the plant scary pumpkins, and it's worth mentioning that sculpture on the red pumpkin is a tradition carried out by Halloween professionals every year.

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The most prominent information about Halloween
 The word Halloween means Feast all Saints.

It is believed that the origins of the celebration go back to the season of history to Ireland.

There are people who claim that Halloween is pagan origins (because it represents the start of the year for ancient pagans), but some Western scholars assert that the roots of its origins are Christian.

Halloween is currently an official vacation in which government departments are closed in several parts of the world, especially us, Canada, Britain, and Ireland.

Spirit halloween store near me

Some stations broadcast horror movies on Halloween night to stay up with the celebration.

Halloween Revelers follow some rituals, like carving pumpkins and telling scary tales similarly as masquerading as scary costumes.

The occupants wear garlic and onion contracts, as well as spraying homes with salt to keep evil spirits away.

During Halloween, some simple thefts of doors and furniture occur to make people believe that evil spirits have stolen them and believe their existence.

Spirit halloween store near me

The origin of the idea of disguise during Halloween:
The idea of disguise dates back to the myth that evil spirits returned that night from the underworld to Earth.

Everyone disguises old and young, so they do not know lives and expect harm.

The kids knock on the doors of homes and carry bags to collect candy, known as the trick or candy,

Those who refuse to provide kids with candy are believed to be harmed by evil spirits.

Spirit halloween store near me

Halloween commercially

After the transfer of Halloween practices with the number of immigrants from Europe to America, these beliefs were invested with commercially, Hollywood was the most famous gainers of those investments.

Hollywood has produced several horror films about Halloween and also the horrifying myths.

The Halloween and sweets trade thrives during Halloween every year, creating huge profits for traders and factories.

The annual Halloween celebration takes place on October 31st and participants disguise with scary costumes

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