How to play fortnite phone case I fortnite tracker

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How to play fortnite phone case I fortnite tracker

?Having trouble learning fortnite
recently, a brand new gameplay known as Battle Royale has become famed, spreading like wildfire,
The game makers raced to get their share of this desired cake, and Fortnite had a stake of this style,
Of course, the name of this game has reached Fortnite even if you're not a fan of games,
At least you will find several Facebook posts for players to show off their victory,
Or take screenshots of Fortnite battles that you may not understand anything about the speed of construction and transition, and in fact, this may motivate you to try this Fortnite game,
It is best before you begin picking up the weapon of information from this article because it's the best weapon ever, so like these tips 
for mastering the legendary game Fortnite.

Stare at the danger

At first look, given the fact that victory in the game is achieved by staying alone after the death of all enemies
You may suppose that the best plan is to avoid fighting and stay away from issues until others kill each other to show you in the finish
In fact, this plan is a failure for beginners, because you practically run away, in the end, who will remain the professionals and will 
have no difficulty in killing you
That's why your best plan at the start of the game is to go with your feet to fight, improve your performance with weapons
 Lose over and over until you develop your shooting skills so you can fight the professionals in the end instead of being up for grabs awaiting somebody to devour them.
So go to the source of the shooting instead of running the opposite way, and do not hide while you'll be able to fight.

Be a Doctor for yourself

As a beginner, it's important to know the defending system and health in the game, once you begin will be choked with health and without any armor, and you'll find during the movement of many medicine and armor
 once you get the defend, it'll receive damage instead of your health meter, but it will not defend you from storm damage or falling from high places
 Speaking of medication and armor on the ground, things may get a bit confused at first. these things in the image can increase your health and armor while you play.
But it doesn't work the same as that of Half-Life
 after taking it, you've got to use it and it will take you time, so it's best to heal in an open space or in the middle of a battle, take cover first and then heal.

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Fortnite Battle Royale | Top 10 Beginner's Tips

The right weapon in the right position
There are many, several weapons in Fortnite and it's terribly helpful to learn to choose them before you begin playing
There is a color system that makes it simple for you to distinguish the strength of the weapon. you may see that the weapons radiate in colors that indicate their strength and are weaker to stronger.
 Gray, green, blue, purple, and gold top the list
Remember this arrangement and put it in your memory while playing. the most important trick of collecting the most powerful weapons is collecting the weapons that serve all situations.
When you kill somebody, you get a high chance to switch one of your weapons with a better weapon.

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Fortnite is not a place for anarchists
Some might ignore this advice, but you will not believe how important it's.
But they're able to form the limit between death and play
This advice is about arranging your weapons boxes.
You also do not have to pull out an inappropriate weapon, causing you to lose
It's best to put short-range weapons first because most surprises are near-range, and then you can put long-range weapons
Finally, put your first aid kit, because you actually will not need it all of a sudden. This arrangement will save your life in several situations don't neglect it and make it a habit for you.

The arms race starts from the moment of jumping

In fortnite, the game starts on a plane bus that makes a festive sound, leaving you free to jump where you see fit
Players are usually confused about selecting the right place to land
In fact, where you land doesn't matter as much because the speed with that you land, because first reaching the ground means a larger chance of getting good weapons before others arrive.
And even a larger chance of getting easy prey with no weapon, to achieve the highest landing speed you have got to choose low points on the map like roads, plains, rivers,
Avoid hills and highlands, because low points will delay the opening of the parachute that is the main reason for the slow landing, so get ahead of others to weapons and punish them for delaying the end of their game early.

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