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Apple iPad Pro five reasons why the new iPad Pro is better than a computer

Five reasons why the new iPad Pro is better

Apple announced last month the new iPad pro formally launched
Size eleven inches and twelve inches, with LCD edges with precise bezels and slim style
It is equipped with a strong A12X chipset.
It can run the desktop version of Photoshop and support Face ID with ease, but that is not all

iPad Pro Unboxing And First Impressions

Apple believes that its new devices maybe your next various to the personal pc, where the American company released video advertising showing 5 main reasons why iPad pro devices even better than pc

According to Apple, the first reason to make the iPad pro better than a pc is that the powerful A12X chipset that the new iPad pro depends on and makes it stronger than any typical pc.

The second reason has to do with the flexibility of iPad pro thanks to the App Store, where you can use the device to stream and watch movies, browse books and find a group of programs to work on your movies, a music studio prompts you with complete tools to make your own music, and many other functions of creation and editing provided by programs the computer.

The third reason Apple pointed to a very important feature in the new iPad Pro, a feature of light-weight and huge battery, where the load of the device about one pound and its battery provides up to ten hours of continuous operation, giving you connectivity on the go and travel very well.

The fourth reason in the video is the highly sensitive touch screen in the iPad Pro with fast transfer features between applications where you can just push and drag to move content between applications each other just like that feature in the PC.

The fifth and final reason that distinguishes iPad Pro is the Apple Smart Pen, which allows the user to make accurate drawings, drawings and even sign documents remotely.

Now you can watch the video published by Apple 

These new products may be unveiled by Apple soon before the end of this year

In September, Apple held its flagship conference for 2019, where it unveiled the new iPhone 11 series and other things, but Apple might have more products that we may see soon before the end of this year.

A conference is scheduled for October

Over the past 5 years, Apple used to follow the iPhone advertising conference in September with another in Oct, and this year seems to be no exception.

Last year, Apple held a conference on Oct 30, so Apple is expected to hold this year's conference at the end of Oct. although there are not any official statements or invites so far, there are several indications.

Devices waiting to be announced 
New AirPods

Rumors have been going on for some time about Apple's intention to unveil its third generation of Apple Wireless AirPods 3, and this was recently confirmed by the presence of a graphic image within the files update iOS 13.2 beta.

One of the highlights of Apple AirPods 3 is that it will come with Noise Cancellation technology with rubber ear plugs for the first time since its launch.

GPS Tracking Device
Apple also may detect a nice accessory is a device to track the locations of things is a small device that can be attached with the keys, phone or car to accurately locate and prevent the loss, and may carry the name Apple Tag depending on leaks.

The user can track the location of the device through the Find My application on different Apple devices, and the device will most likely work with Bluetooth as well as radio waves used by iPhone 11 through the U1 chip.

More devices ..

The conference may also be packed with many other products such :as

IPad Pro 2019 - 
A new 16-inch MacBook Pro -
New Apple TV -
A new Mac Pro -

Which previous devices are expected to be announced at the next Apple conference?

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