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 : About Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift was born on december thirteen, 1989 in Reading, Pennsylvania, wherever she began writing her 1st songs at the age of 5, and once she turned sixteen, Swift discharged her 1st album and later 

became one of the most well-liked pop and country and western singers.

Her grandma was an expert opera singer, and shortly Swift followed within the footsteps of her grandma, singing in several native events by her tenth year, like concerts and competitions

When she was eleven, she sang the american anthem "The Star-Spangled Banner" at the Philadelphia  Basketball Championship, and started to find out stringed instrument.

Taylor Swift is usually visit nashville, Tennessee, the primary country music kiss so as to realize a career in music, co-writing some songs, and making an attempt to sign her 1st music contract.

Taylor Swift released her 1st single in 2006, "Tim mcgraw," that became one in all the highest ten songs within the country music rankings.

Taylor Swift's favorite food is deep-fried chicken fingers

Taylor Swift is a cat-obsessed

Taylor Swift's friends are very loyal and wet

Taylor Swift wishes to receive AN unearned doctor's degree

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