Kim Kardashian : 24 men in 10 years in the life of Kardashian !

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Kim Kardashian isn't only noted for her famous series keeping up with the kardashians or for her charms and body, that was the most reason for attracting the eye of the public, photographers and also the press, or her controversial family all the time. it's known as "Catlin Jenner", however also the emotional history of Kim Kardashian is one in all the most controversial things, especially since the history of "companionship" includes 23 men over ten years, and these are the most outstanding of the 
dates Kim Kardashian.

Brandon Jenner
In one episode of the truth television program maintaining with the kardashians, Kim confessed that she was kissing together with her brother, Brandon jenner.

TJ Jackson
Singer TJ Jackson, who is near to the international star michael jackson, is that the first love story in the lifetime of Kim Kardashian, where that they had a romantic relationship that lasted for four years. Oprah Winfrey: "I was 15 years old almost when I wished to lose my virginity.

Demon Thomas
Kim married the known songwriter Damon Thomas in 2000 and unmarried  him four years later. when separation, Damon said she was a false, traitor and industrial
  And always resort to cosmetic surgery till she appearance luscious,
 and she might do anything for fame
Because she does not have a true talent whether or not dance or singing.

Ray J
After separating from Damon Thomas, Kim was related to rapper Ray J,
That relationship was the important turning point in Kim Kardashian's career,
  Her fame has doubled, particularly when a sex tape was leaked to her with "Ray j", that has aroused nice controversy around them

Nick Cannon
In 2006, Kim Kardashian got married to actor Nick Cannon however left her one year later, when the release of her sex tape.
"I left her because she lied to me concerning this sex tape with Ray J" she said.
But Kim wasn't much affected and within the same year was related to player Benji Madden
He is presently married to the star "Cameron Diaz".

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