NETFLIX the decision to amend the Turbo Building

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It seems that Epic Games recently faces a crisis with Fortnite 
fans. Some of the decisions and changes it makes do not satisfy players who are quick to launch campaigns that criticize the 
developer for those decisions.

After the team suffered problems due to criticism of the robots in the game and dissatisfaction with its presence, yesterday faced a major outrage after he announced his decision to amend the property property Turbo Build where he had revealed that he intends to modify the timing of the construction so as to increase the time The interval between builds is 0.05 to 0.15 seconds.

This did not appeal to the players who launched the hashtag #RevertTurboBuilding and one day after the launch of the campaign the developer responded to the pressure of the players and announced his retreat from the decision and things returned as before, but with the exception of “taking a wall” which will become random when the demolition of the building will become delays For 0.15 before another player can build the same place.

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