Huawei Harmony OS OFFICIAL (full details of the new operating system)

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Huawei launched its new and anticipated operating system Harmony OS last week during the annual Huawei Developers Conference 2019, so users of smart devices are excited to know what will be characterized by the operating system Harmony OS from Huawei and what devices will support this system and many other questions, so you'll find all the answers That occupy user inquiries in the next lines.

Harmony OS - What is the new operating system from Huawei and will it compete with Android from Google?

Harmony OS is a new operating system designed by Huawei to be the best solution for its smart devices.Harmony OS is built on the MicroKernel module, i.e. it is the link between the operating system and its applications and the components of smart devices and it also depends on employing the least potential of smart devices and operating system. Huawei designed the Harmony OS specifically designed to provide a harmonious user experience across all devices and scenarios, and to meet the requirements of users in terms of minimum response time and maximum security.

Harmony OS - What devices will the new Huawei operating system support?

Harmony OS is a lightweight operating system designed to work on all smart devices such as smartphones, personal computers, wireless speakers, future generations of TVs, smartphones, tablets, smart watches and even on car systems. The first devices to support Huawei Harmony OS are Honor Vision and Honor Vision Pro TVs, a Huawei brand.

Harmony OS - What sets it apart from other operating systems?

As mentioned earlier, Huawei Harmony OS is based on the MicroKernel module, which is the link between the operating system and the components of the smart device that operates according to the least capabilities and specifications, so the operating system Harmony OS is not limited to high-potential devices, the evidence is to support the system Playback for many smart devices. With the application of Harmony OS, Huawei aims to establish an integrated and interoperable operating system, which in turn will provide a safe and reliable operating environment and provide a comprehensive smart experience when using any of the devices.

HUAWEI Harmony OS relies on smart devices to connect to each other in a smooth and smart way.All the smart devices supporting the operating system such as smartphone, PC, smartwatch and other devices will be connected to each other, which will give the user a rich AI experience that will lead For everyday tasks more easily.

Huawei's Harmony OS will be more secure than other operating systems and will lead many users to the new operating system to protect and keep their personal data from being stolen.

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