Twitter is Now Worth $ 7 Billion at Least !!

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Twitter, is, Now, Worth, $, 7, Billion, at, Least, !!
Twitter is, Now Worth, $ 7 Billion, at Least, !!
Twitter is Now Worth $ 7 Billion at Least !!

To 140 characters only way Twitter incision between the social websites for several turns of the BB software to a huge project worth more than $ 7 billion as reported by The Wall Street!!

The market value of Twitter last December about $ 3.7 billion after the financing deal from a company Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, news and talk now about the new financing deals will raise the value of Twitter to double up to 7 billion dollars at least!!

Twitter is still making its way slowly in the field of advertising (compared to its peers), but the company plans to invest the new funding in the development of the advertising department, to the site can increase its value to its investors profitability and competitive site similar in advertising.

Interestingly, the number of working behind the scenes of Twitter does not exceed 500 employees only, although the site includes more than 200 million subscribers!!
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