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The New iPad | iPad 3

Not iPad 3 : It Is (The New iPad)

Before we talk about the new will begin our conversation (as it began the conference) is an interesting statistic:

Did you know?

Did you know that Apple has sold only in the last quarter of last year ?, more than 15 million iPad device ?
 which sold more than any computer company in the world during the same period.

The first thing that striking in the new iPad is a high-quality screen,
which includes 3.1 million pixel quality 2048 × 1536, making it the highest quality screen in all mobile devices at all, so much so that it can be higher than the human eye to see!!

It's not only quality but also improve the color saturation of 44%.

The New IPad works A5X new processor dual-core performance gives the best 4 times in graphics..

Have been improved 5 megapixel camera and became the possibility of video recording high-quality 1080p.

The New IPad  battery's works up to 10 hours, a good achievement compared to whatwas developed possibilities, and weighs 635 grams new iPad and a thickness of9.4 mm.

Special about The New iPad is to support the fourth-generation LTE networks, which will reach the download speed up to 73 megabits per second.

And the price would be $ 499 for 16 GB version that work on wifi only, and $ 599 for 32 GB and $ 699 for 64 GB, and the devices that operate on Wi-Fi networks and is the fourth generation The Price is ( 629$ 729$ 829$.)

The exciting In today's conference is the announcement of the iPhoto program for IOS devices, a program special was there for Macs, but now only available on IOS devices, and allows you to program all the basic tools they need to improve your photos:

And The device will be available in the market starting from March 16 in the United States, Canada, Britain, France, Switzerland and Japan.

So That's All..

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