For Mothers: Steps Teaches You How To Enter Your Baby's Heart

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For, Mothers: Steps, Teaches, You, How, To, Enter, Your, Baby's, Heart,
For Mothers: ,Steps Teaches, You How ,To Enter ,Your Baby's, Heart
For Mothers: Steps Teaches You How To Enter Your Baby's Heart

1. Set aside some time with your children, whether a meal or food outside the home with them the practice of some sports such as walking or swimming or playing ball. 
2. Numismatic inside them self-confidence and encourage you to them that your estimate of Mjhodhm Abzlouna and not only estimate the results, as most of us do. 
3. That can parents and their children's achievements Ihtfla pass them as plain as it happened for a child to be the most important events of his life and can be kept with him all his life to the piece must have the same concern I have parents. 
4. Your children aware of positive thinking to be positive, for example, instead of Tatb your son because he came back from school and sat down on a dirty table, lunch and non-groomed Tell him "it looks like you spent a great time at school today." 
5. Exit photo album of your children when they were young and Call them stories about this period that do not recall them. 
6. Remind them you have learned something from them. 
7. Tell them how you feel it is wonderful that you are a parent and how you like the way that growing up with. 
8. Mark your children choose for themselves what Ilbssouna or what sport you are playing so bring them up how you respect their decisions.
 9. Merged with the kids to play, for example if your hands get dirty like the colors of water, clay and so on. 
10. Overlap in the daily lives of your children that you know their schedule and their teachers and friends so as not to ask them when they return from study in general, "What did you do today," but what did you ask why I did so and so and so school feels that you observer of the details of his life and that you care about. 
11. When your son asks you to talk with you not speak to him and you are busy at something else when he spoke of her mother when she is cooking or is looking at TV or so, but give him all your focus and look in his eyes as he tell you. 
12. Share in the lunch meal even once a week, and then the exchange you and your children to talk about the events of the week, not just hear them, but also Call them what happened to you. Or until he shared the work and snack 
13. Write to them in a small paper word of love or encouragement or a joke and put them in bed if you are going out and they were sleeping in a bag or school until they feel you're thinking of them even when you are not present with them. 
14. When your child draws a small graphics put them in a special place in the home and Ochaaram you're proud of. 
15. With your children do not behave the way they were acting out your parents with you without thinking this may you fall into errors devastating psychological son. 
16. Instead of saying to your son you did it the wrong way to tell him do not do it the following way and knowing the right thing. 
17. Try to start a new day the sun rises the more memorable when all mistakes of the past Every new day brings with it a new opportunity that your prospect can be in love with your son more than ever before and help you discover talents. 
18. Ahoudn your children and before them and tell them you love them every day, no matter how many so they are in need of him without regard to their age or were young adults or even married and you have them grandchildren.
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