Hotel made ​​of ice opened in 2012 - a wonderful architectural masterpiece

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Hotel, made, ​​of, ice, opened, in, 2012, - a, wonderful, architectural, masterpiece,
Hotel ,made, ​​of, ice opened in 2012, - a wonderful architectural, masterpiece
Hotel made ​​of ice opened in 2012 - a wonderful architectural masterpiece 

In northern Canada in the Quebec area where the North Pole every year is to build a hotel made ​​of ice for the winter period for three months .. And then begins to melt until it disappears.

Been completed to build a hotel this winter, area 3,000 square meters was built from 15,000 tons of snow and 500 tons of ice

For constructive Astgrt full month of continuous work. Each room features a creative artistic touches.

The hotel has all facilities. Restaurant - Theatre - Concert Hall - Cinema - art exhibition

The rooms are:

Bed made ​​of ice, brushes designed specifically for the hotel and chairs furnished skins of animals. Hotel is an architectural masterpiece

I apologize for the large number of images.

I tried to Achtsr Photos .. But what was estimated!!

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