Steve Jobs Died News 1955 - 2011 (Exclusive)

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Steven Paul Jobs (in English: Steven Paul Jobs) (2011-1955) is the inventor and one of the leaders of the business
In the United States. Known as the founder and former CEO of Apple
And the current President of the Board of Directors
In the late seventies, the Steve Jobs with his partners and Zniakomic Markyula,
And others to design and develop and market one of the first production lines PC business successful
Known as a smooth Apple II. Later
In the early eighties Jobs was among the first to realize the commercial potential of the mouse interface
Graphical user which led to the industry, Apple Macintosh computers
. After losing a power struggle with the Governing Council in 1985,
Jobs resigned from Apple and founded Next, a company working to develop computer platforms
In higher education and commercial markets.
Apple has acquired Next in 1996, Jobs returned to Apple
And became Executive Director in 1997.

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