Guinness World Records - Largest hamburger (Images)

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Large sizes are always you two in the Guinness Book of World Records. So that the food has huge stake in our book and the biggest example of this is the largest Burger-making in the year 2000 weighs 2.74 tons manufacture American Lauren Green Loran Green and some friends in the September 5, 1999. Thus entered the class is the largest burger in the markets in the Guinness Book in 2004. The first recipient of this title is a place of "Ye old 96er" burger and Sng, who weighed 4.08 kg (9 LIBRA) topic in the custom of the burger bread sold in the Denny's Beer Barrel Pub Inc in the city of Klerfild, Pennsylvania in the United States of America. Anyone who can eat this huge burger within three hours of his money back and get a certificate of merit. Won the title of the largest hamburger sold three restaurants in a row: Restaurant Fuddruckers in the United States, Restaurant Bob's BBQ & Grill in the city of Benglamong in Thailand once again Restaurant Denny's Beer Barrel Pub Inc before to make a restaurant Mallie's Sports Grill & Bar's largest burger ridiculous weighed 60.78 kg (134 LIBRA), which requires 12 hours to eat.
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