Skill of Swallowing Swords (Images)

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The idea of ​​swallowing swords in India from 2000 years BC. where she was the ability of celestial
Reflect the power and then moved to Japan, China and other countries.
Q / How people can swallow swords?
People need to train my body and myself a special and intense so that he can perform this difficult task
And called the Movement for swallowing scientific movement of the relay worms
Which is similar to Aptlaena food when moving from 50 muscle contraction and movement and all the prompt even
Move the eating of the mouth and esophagus through the channel and then into the stomach
There is a private association Bmahtervy swallow swords, but if a person wanted to join them must
For him to prove his skill in the ingestion Xi ranges in length from 38 cm -50 cm
The number of members of the Assembly 100.

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