Scientists Descend into a Volcano !!

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Amazing photos for the first time in history: scientists descend inside an extinct volcano!!

A team of scientists in Iceland, while encamped a distance of 200 meters inside the cavity of hot magma to pick us these amazing photos:
 What you see in the picture is the dormant volcano Trignio Kajigeor in Iceland, also known as a sleeping volcano, which is why in the composition of the island known today as Iceland erupted when 3,000 years ago!!
The first time in the history of human rights within it enters the cavity Almajma which was filled with fiery lava on!
And talking
  D. Vrinstin Sijmindson on first impression when entering this place and says he felt very faintly to the amazing force of nature!

We are almost negligible to that of just watching those pictures, so what was in it!!
The team, which came down to the bottom of the worlds, and 15 people for their support, and support team includes experts in mountain climbing and photography to document this historic event.
 The scientists are now studying their observations in a dormant volcano to understand the mechanism of formation and work of the pipeline system that moves the natural lava, in an attempt to understand one of the deadliest forces of nature and more important for life on Earth!
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