Most Expensive lamb in the world !

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Expensive lamb in the world!
British sold the farm of Graham Morrison sheep strain Tksil amount of 231 thousand pounds sterling in the market for LANARCE Scotland last Thursday, becoming the most expensive sheep in the world.
The sheep in question was born last February through embryo transfer technology, a seed strain of the Kelso ram Ooxegn leading sheep breed of Knock Magnam, was bought by Jimmy Douglas, a rancher in the city of Aberdeen, Scotland.
  The Executive Director of the Assembly of sheep breeders Tksil John Yates said that the deal hit the owners of the industry by surprise. However, he expressed his belief that the buyer will gain a lot in the long term through the sale of this strain in me all over the world.
It is believed that Joe Hill Top - the most expensive former sheep in the country at 128 thousand pounds (208 thousand dollars) - the owner was able to achieve from the sale of products, $ 1.6 million over five years.

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