Microsoft buys Skype

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Deal shook the world bought Microsoft in the news for Skype announced their two companies, under the agreement to pay Microsoft about $ 8.5 billion to acquire Skype which is the largest takeover deal concluded by the enterprise software giant that were not the most expensive in the history of software industry
Purchase of Skype.
After strong competition from Google Inc. and Facebook to buy the global service Skype, Microsoft and the kidnapping of the transaction quickly and with great price and acquisitions are final.
It will acquire Skype for MS data acquisition hundred and seventy million subscribers who use the program Alskaybe.
Steve Ballmer praised the Executive Director of the Microsoft deal, stressing that the millions across the world like to use Skype for Ihra telephone conversations.
He said in a news conference: "Together we can make the future real-time communications so that people can keep in touch with their families, friends and work colleagues and clients across the world. " "
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