Is This Love ?

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Is This Love
Archaeologists uncovered the tomb in the city "Mantioa" in Italy, featuring two skeletons will join each other dating back to the stone age before 5000 to nearly 6000 years.
 What distinguishes the two structures is toincluded each other is clearly not a cause for doubt .
The studies indicated that took place on the bones that structures belonging to the male and female, do not go beyond their twenties and Toulhma not exceed 150 cm.
The scientists observed the effects of the presence of the head shaft in the back of men by women and in Among the many theories scientists believe that the man was killed and women sacrificed themselves and embraced him to accompany him to the other world.
And instead of moving Azamanma to place one of the Italian museums piece by piece and then re-assembled, the thought of archaeologists in the transfer of structures with the ground that part lying in full. The scientists who supervised the discovery that these two lovers represent the oldest known love story documented in documented history.


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