iPad 2 (All About iPad 2 )

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Finally, Apple announced or Steve Jobs announced a new version of the iPad for the year 2011, which carries the specification numerous, including a dual processor core A5, camera front, back and Apple says that the new processor is stronger than the first generation two and the performance of graphics processor stronger nine times compared to that which exists Baloibad while power supplies the rest as it is without change as the degree of clarity of the screen has not changed a 1024 768.

 For the two new cameras, you can video capture 720 pixels with digital zoom, five times and the camera is VGA resolution front and the two could imaging at 30 frames per second
Tablet Alaibad new prompts less thickness compared to the old by 33 percent to become 8.8 mm and will be available in black and white and the date of the version of the company Ferrazon and AT & T will be in the 11 of March, all types
  Apple says also with the increasing power of this monster new, the battery will be as it is Uadtna that it will continue to 10 hours and not a piece, but that the price will not change where he will begin at $ 499 and will own an HDMI port, "said Steve Jobs that the Tablet PC will be as provider socks interact with the device Tablet PC as soon as you open the new bursa runs Alaibad Once locked down, it will close itself magically with the knowledge that the bursa will cost you $ 39 if you like textured plastic or $ 69 if you like textured skin.
With respect to the system will be the release version of the new 4.3 to coincide with the time of launch iPad new and it will bring a number of characteristics such as improvements in the performance of the Safari browser and the application of Elvis Time application image Photo Booth and there is two applications iMovie and GarageBand, but will not Ikunan hosting service where the price of same application is $ 4.99 U.S. property Distributor ! Wireless Personal Hotspot will be exclusive to the iPhone only 4 and not for the iPad


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