Indian raised his hand for 38 years (Images)

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In 1970, Amar Bharati was an ordinary man of the middle class and lived a normal life, a family man and has three children,
But all this did not affect him when he woke up one morning and decided to devote his life to the service of religion, and in 1973

Amar realized that he still lives in great luxury and is steeped in the pleasures of this mortal life he decided to distance himself by lifting his right arm and keeping it elevated,
Today, after 38 years still brought his arm and he can not be used even if he wanted to.

هندي يبقي اليمنى مرفوعة لمدة 
هندي يبقي اليمنى مرفوعة لمدة

هندي يبقي اليمنى مرفوعة لمدة

هندي يبقي اليمنى مرفوعة لمدة

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