How To Use Windows Button in The Keyboard

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Will take a little light on the button is located in marginalized keyboard
And most of us do not know what roles this button? Or what she does? Why is it already exists?
الزر السحري الكيبورد آإدخـل وتعـرف

There are many uses for this button, including:

1 - press the windows logo button:
Show and hide the Start menu.

2 - windows logo button + button Break (located above the numbers):
Window displays the system specifications.

3 - windows logo button + D:
Displays the desktop.

4 - windows logo button + M:
Minimizes all open windows.

5 - windows logo button + Shift + M:
Maximizes all windows.

6 - windows logo button + E:
Window displays the computer.

7 - windows logo button + F:
If you want to search for files and folders.

8-Ctrl + windows logo button + F:
If you want to search for devices within the network.

9 - windows logo button + F1:
If you want to read the plugin versions can.

10 - windows logo button + L:
To lock the keyboard.

11 - Button Windows Logo + R:
To open the window (Run) Run

الزر السحري الكيبورد آإدخـل وتعـرف   

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