Most Stranger 9 Inventions To Come in The Future

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Most Stranger 9 Inventions To Come in The Future

Calliper Style Radio

Radio designer a new way, like a ruler by moving a small device by the speakers, to choose which station you prefer, it is simple and very light.


Capsule Radio Clock

  Radio-like capsule, capable of transferring data and information to anyone, at any moment of time of need.


Sunshine Pillow

  Pillow emit light such as sunlight, but it works on the heat your in the winter.


Future Internet Search

Transparent screen when placed in front of you, show you the contents of the place immediately, and where there is the bathroom and room meetings and the estimated distance, and serves as a research tool within the immediate premises.

New Dslr

A new concept to catch the camera with one hand, which is the large lens stuck, however, only one to capture any image.

Virtual Goggles

Fully transparent glasses designed by Franz Steiner, and the headphones and microphone without wires, and the pair will become the future, which has a sleek design impressive, as those used in searches on Google the words of the word that you want to search Google you and displays them in front of your eye immediately.

Cellphone Code

Consists of a strange phone rings, you can place a call it through a rolled rings to the desired shape of a figure in the form of my head is composed of the number and you connect quickly.


Napkin PC

  Concept of drawing on paper towels, napkins, they come with their own pens to enable any designer to develop his own design on the cloth to change its shape and becomes a painting as if printed from your computer.

Nokia Aeon Full Screen

Mobile phone from Nokia, is characterized by the sensitive surface is divided into two parts, one for the screen and the other for the keyboard and the two working screen, and the surface of the device is completely touch-sensitive interface.

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