AC Milan Win Easily From Sampdoria And Inter Out After the Loss of Parma

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AC Milan continued to make the Italian league after a convincing win to achieve and easy to treble over Sampdoria, while Inter Milan fell into the trap of Parma hosts with two goals to come out significantly from the race within the top of Serie A matches stage 33.
At the San Siro Stadium Milan stronghold Group succeeded in red and black in three goals through the Dutch players Seedorf and Antonio Cassano (penalty) and Brazilian Robinho minutes 20.54 and 61.
But the game was marred by the loss of the Milan players guards Abbiati and Brazilian Alexandre Pato, who were injured during the first half was Tbdelhma Amelia and Cassano, respectively.
Milan and played the game without striker Zlatan Abramovich, who is serving his suspension for three games.
The win increased the balance of Milan for 71 points, while Sampdoria seventeenth place with 32 points.
At the Tardini Stadium Emilio stronghold of Parma succeeded binary former Juventus Amauri Giovnko and guide their team to win the Gali and important for the team seeking to move away from the relegation zone to contest the reigning Inter.
Register Giovnko first goal per minute 35 before to make up Amauri's hopes Inter minute 86 away Parma on the back of the competition in the fifteenth with 35 points and out of Inter Milan to a large extent from the competition on the Serie A after a rise in the points difference between him and Milan leaders to eight points with five stages from the end.
In the same frame's hopes of Rome to qualify for the Champions League suffered a setback after the loss at home to Palermo 3-2 in Serie A where stuck Rome after the defeat at 53 points in sixth place, behind four points from his neighbor for fourth-placed Lazio qualified for the European Championship while Palermo VIII comes with 48 points.

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