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Hope to children in Thailand that allow them to painting a huge site in the Guinness Book of Records.
And if those children had spent two months in completing the technical work of cannabis over an area of ​​(10) thousand square meters.
Participated in this work more than (4) Thousands of children aged between 8 to 13 years.
And it is being displayed this painting outside the Grand Palace in Bangkok.

Singapore / China broke the San Kai Register Guinness World Records in writing, was able to write a dance or sit on his head for a period of record

Shorter horse .. 7 years old and 1.54 meters long, only

Beyond exophthalmos
Eye 11 Mm
  Kim Goodman of America
 Longer to San (God forbid) to Stephen Taylor of Italy 9.5 cm

The largest number to penetrate his body in one session for Charlie Wilson of Britain in 1015 was once

 The largest number of fingers Devindra Harn was born in 1995 in India .. the number of fingers of his hands and feet 25

Hide twins ... 1.385 g for twins and triple Peyton Jackson and Black Coffee of America in 1998


Largest number for the balance of 15 spoons spoon to Tim Specialist Juston of America


Greater longevity married .. married for 81 years, where the wife died later at the age of 105 and two days, and left her husband alone by the old 104 years and 260 days


More skin for a softer distance 15.8 cm to Guy Turner of America


The youngest age of 3 millimeter to Colton Loeb of America


Stone heavier College Peter Pullman 356 g of Australia


Smaller dog named Haven Sint 15.2 cm of America


Longer centuries to 132 cm from the goats owned by Uncle Sam America


Longer authorized to dog (Tigger) 34.9 cm of America


Longer authorized to rabbit 79 cm of America


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