Google translates the words instantly while talking

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The program is now instantaneous translation from English to Spanish only, but Google engineers are working to gradually add other languages. As for the method of work program shall convert speech to text, and then sent to Google servers, which translate and send it to you, the software will read the translated text!
And experts expect Google to develop software to translate your speech at the same moment he uttered during the 18 months maximum. This video shows you the experience of the program:

Clear from the video, the program still needs a lot of development spokesman also said at the beginning of the show, but standing as a giant company behind the Google search makes it so very interesting idea.
Reminded me of this software program Word Lens that we saw earlier in the first part of the theme "Where to mobile phones will carry us, " and that is a translation of the billboards and banners instantly, as in this video:

Which is one of the programs that are classified under the term called Augmented Reality, which means short, make the computers or digital devices are able to recognize the surrounding environment and interact with it! And from the several programs we have seen amazing
Where do mobile phones will carry us?!

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