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Thinking the whole world is moving now to the renewable energy that do not pollute the environment after that we feel the price of catastrophic pollution of the planet on the one hand, and in preparation for the post-oil from the other.
But next to each distinct ideas that we've seen earlier today we will witness an amazing idea of Belgian architect Vincent

What you see in this picture is the transport plane, which is expected Callebaut to replace aircraft in the year 2030, a giant vessels operating jet engines payment (such as missiles) and reaches a height of 400 meters and fly to Atvaa 2,000 meters.
This will be a wonderful ships capable of carrying 200 tons and fly at speeds of 175 km per hour, and Callebaut has designed are inspired by nature are in harmony with it (as you see in the pictures).
Featured in these vessels is not vertical, but none of the above mechanism of action, because the jet engines running on hydrogen which is produced by the seaweed farms in the giant sea!
Callebaut used the idea that hydrogen is the fuel of the future as the whole lot of workers in the field of energy, it is lighter element in the periodic table, but a higher percentage of energy compared with his bloc, so it is used in the missiles because it is necessary to reduce the weight of the fuel.

And featured as well as in hydrogen fuel is that it is free of carbon and produces only water and energy (except for a small percentage of nitric oxide pollution, which can control the rate of easily). And most importantly of all, as a source of inexhaustible because there is in everything around us!
Here, the idea was genius from Callebaut is the work of large-scale farms of seaweed, which produces large quantities of hydrogen fuel stations is similar in that land where the giant ships to be supplied with hydrogen and then return to complete the journey again!
Callebaut called this project the name of the Hydrogenase, and that he hopes will combine the beauty and flow of nature on the one hand, progress and technological development on the other hand I think itsucceeded in doing so .
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