Facebook Turns to Solar

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Updated: Turns out social network giant Facebook has been eyeing clean power after all for its new data center in Oregon. Well, a very small amount of solar compared to the sizable power needs of its data center. According to Data Center Knowledge, Facebook has built a 100 kW solar panel array, which will produce 204,000 kilowatt hours of solar power per year, next to its data center. The solar system will provide power for some of the facility’s office rooms, but not power for the rooms that house the servers themselves.
First off, Facebook is ready to take baby steps into clean power and explore the types of deals and contracts needed to add in renewable energy outside of a utility. Facebook built its data center in Oregon in the footprint of utility Pacific Power that largely derives its electricity from coal, which is why Facebook is now the focus of Greenpeace’s media campaign, “Facebook Unfriendly Coal.” That campaign looks like it generated a blog post on Friday Greenpeace said: “Through some combination of  direct on-site installation and investment in clean energy development (a la Google), Facebook should set a target to use more renewable energy to power its data center, and use its bulk purchasing power to work with Pacific Power on getting more renewable energy onto the grid.” Update: Greenpeace called Facebook’s solar array “another encouraging sign that Facebook is beginning to look at both sides of the clean energy equation, which requires both energy efficiency AND clean sources of electricity,” in an email to me. Greenpeace also says:
Hopefully this initial investment in renewable energy will quickly translate into a bigger commitment to power Facebook with clean energy and move away from coal and other dirty sources of electricity. At Green:Net Google and Yahoo will discuss their green data center plans. The solar panels for Facebook’s solar project were reportedly produced by Oregon’s own Solar World, the project was developed by Sunlight Solar Energy, and the trackers for the panels (which move the panels throughout the day to follow the movement of the sun) were made local manufacturer PV Trackers. Data Center Knowledge’s Rich Miller took this fine photo of the array.
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