Eventbrite for organize and promote events

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Eventbrite site of the best sites specialized in announcement the events, the site allows the conception of contest for assorted occasions of lectures, courses or affairs ... etc.

Events can be managed in agreement of the cardinal of registered acceptable in the event, as able-bodied as advice about the accident in agreement of time and history, the accompaniment and the city, additionally add capacity of the agreeable of the event, set prices if the appearance of the accident paid the price.
Features of this site:

1. Active Registration is free.

2. Post the accident on amusing networking sites as Twitter and Facebook and LinkedIn.

3. Multiple-choice to book tickets with the aforementioned time.

4. The achievability of automatically scheduling contest with Google Calendar or Microsoft Outlook Express.

5. The adeptness to chase for contest by selecting the adapted arena and city.

6. Select an breadth of the accident through Google Earth as an example.

7. Feature to repeat the event. 

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