Deaths due to hurricanes in the United States

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Deaths due to hurricanes in the United States

 Picture of the devastation of Hurricanes East Coast United States

Caused the hurricanes that swept the eastern coast of the United States killed at least ten people in North Carolina and three others in Virginia.

And so the death toll rose to 24 people in six U.S. states since the storm before the storm about four days, during which wreaked havoc in the land and destruction. It is likely that the death toll to rise even higher.

Was quoted by U.S. media for The National Meteorological saying that hurricanes were recorded in North Carolina, 19 provinces, and caused the deaths of at least 10 people, but pointed out that the number of deaths is uncertain.

In Virginia, authorities said that a hurricane hit the area near the forks Behind 3 dead and more than 60 wounded.

According to CNN that the U.S. death toll in North Carolina and Virginia are added to the 17 people in each of Alabama, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Mississippi.

Officials in North Carolina that the rescue teams looking for missing people in the provinces of me and Cumberland.

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