City of Short Stature in Our Natural

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City of Short Stature in Our Natural

To escape the racist practices against short people in our normal, a group of dwarves to escape from this reality and go to build a village of private owners statures short in the city of Kenning, Kenning of Unman Province, Unman in southern China, and on the condition of those who wish to stay in this village that The length does not exceed (129.54 cm), and they have created their own police station, and the civil defense center also drawing on the 120 resident in this village

Met with the village admired many of the natural world, with the result that those who made it went on turning it into a park called "Imperial Dwarfs" and in order to pull a tourist and they turn their homes into the homes in the form of mushroom as homes Pygmies living in the novels and fairy tales, and they reside Review some of the activities and tourism events and festivals

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