Biography for Steve Jobs in the book to be published next year

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After strenuous efforts, agreed Steve Jobs CEO of Apple to cooperate in the monitoring and recording of his
 autobiography, to come out in the picture book for all, early next year, 2012.

 Steve Jobs, 52 year, he appeared in public for the last time on March 2, the former in a ceremony to -announce the issuance of iPad 2, and suffers Steve from the effects of surgery seriously by the previously required a liver transplant new to him, and had applied for leave and extended sick of feeling ill In health, last January.

 And announced U.S. publisher Simon & Schuster that the project of implementation of the Book of the -biography of Jobs on the verge of the investigation with the start of next year, after the sessions continuously since 2009 according to a spokesperson for the company, during which interviews and dialogues, and reports with Jobs himself, and his family members, And employees in his company, and his rivals in other companies as well.

 and recently voted by Apple staff 95% for personal satisfaction for his performance as CEO of their - company, in a referendum Gelasdor posted on the internet.

According to the source before, will be entrusted to Walter Isaacson formulation Biography for Jobs, which -currently serves as Executive Director of the Aspen Institute in Washington, DC, is the author of a successful for books Albert Einstein (Einstein: His Life and Universe), and Benjamin Franklin (Benjamin Franklin: Life in America).
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