Adobe iPad turned to Accessory for Photoshop

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Adobe unveiled a package of new development to bear the name Adobe Photoshop Touch SDK allows developers to build applications running on devices such as iPad or iPhone is able to deal with Adobe Photoshop .

In order to get the idea the Adobe building three applications for the device iPad able to communicate with Photoshop, for example, the program Color Lava on the iPad will allow you to mix colors on a iPad your own and then send the mixture to Adobe Photoshop running on a normal, and the program Nav will give the designer space Additional design so that it is able to see the files on the device iPad and create new files via iPad while continuing to edit through your normal device .

These are just ideas to put developers at the beginning of the road, and the imagination of developers will not stop at this limit.

For information pack Photoshop Touch SDK is not specific to your iPad only, but you can build applications for Android or iPhone to a BlackBerry device tablet.

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