A 5.8 earthquake hit Japan again

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Tokyo buildings shaken by new earthquake

Tokyo buildings shaken by new earthquake

An earthquake measuring 5.8 ° north-eastern Japan, the company started with Tokyo Electric Power transfer of high water pollution and radiation to a nearby storage container.

Announced that the Japan Meteorological Agency requested that the earthquake north-eastern Japan on Wednesday, which led to the shaking buildings in Tokyo, noting that the quake's epicenter was in the province of Fukushima, adding that there was no warning of the tsunami.

On the other hand, news reports said that the company Tokyo Electric Power (TEPCO) Fukushima station run existing nuclear north-eastern Japan began the transfer of high water pollution and nuclear radiation to a nearby storage container.

According to the Agency (Kyodo) Japanese news, it will be moved about seven hundred tons of contaminated water to a condenser as the first, that in cases where ordinary water turns to steam, noting that it is expected that the pumping process takes about forty hours.

It is noteworthy that these processes need to be a great time, where workers need to move some sixty thousand tons of contaminated water collected in ponds and building turbines for reactors 1, 2, and 3 in addition to the trenches associated with them.

In turn, suspended company Kyushu Electric Power, which provides services to the Japanese island in the south of the same name, on Tuesday plans to build a third reactor at a nuclear power plant after the country suffered the worst nuclear catastrophe since the incident of leakage of nuclear radiation from the Chernobyl reactor in Ukraine in 1986.

  The companies concerned to continue its efforts to control the radioactive contamination

The company said that local authorities notified their plans to stop after the latest massive earthquake and tidal waves (tsunami) that hit the country, a series of explosions in a nuclear plant.

And oversees Kyushu electric power to run two nuclear reactors in Japan, and it intends to build a reactor with a production capacity estimated at about 1.6 million kilowatts in the southern province of Kagoshima.
The Japanese government raised the threat to Fukushima station seventh grade
The Japanese government has decided to raise the level of seriousness on the ongoing nuclear crisis of the fifth to the seventh level, which is the maximum on the scale of international nuclear and radiological incidents.

Sendai Airport
In another development, suggests the return of the life to normal gradually resumed Airport Sendai, Japan, the conduct of domestic flights today after a flooded after tidal waves (tsunami) following the earthquake last month.
 The agency said (Kyodo) Japanese news agency that the reopening of the airport will facilitate the visit quake-hit areas and to expedite the relief activities there.

Airport authorities said that the Japan Airlines Company (Air Nippon) for Tqoman flies six flights a day between Sendai Airport, located in Miyagi province and Itami Airport in Osaka.


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