10 Tip For Good Health Throughout The Year

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25 Tip For Good Health Throughout The Year

It is not necessary to introduce radical changes to our way of life to enjoy good health, there is no need to devote long hours in the implementation of instructions and commandments of health, it is sufficient only to apply a small number of tips sing for several changes in our daily and do not require these tips extraordinary effort, but just knowing them and their importance

1. Let the coffee cool:
 Do not drink coffee or any hot drink, this may increase the risk of cancers of the mouth or esophagus, but are advised to leave the cup cools a bit. 

2. Chewing vegetables well:
That chewing food well increases the proportion of chemical control of cancer-fired vegetables such as broccoli and cabbage

3. Walk every day:
Daily walk for half an hour or an hour reduces the risk of breast cancer by 18% and helps to get rid of 3 kg per year and maintains the strength of the body.

4. Eat more almonds:
Prefer eating almonds between meals daily when you feel hungry it is rich in nutrients that may lack a god daily diet.

5. Add cinnamon to coffee:
Put half a teaspoon of cinnamon in a cup of coffee daily as contribute to reducing levels of cholesterol in the blood and helps the body use insulin more effectively ...

6. No need to hurry and speed:
Necessary when taking the time to do chores in order to avoid exposure to high blood pressure

7. Chewing gum (chewing gum) between the breakfast:  
Recommend chewing sugarless gum after meals for half an hour in order to alleviate the symptoms of acidity.
8. 3 servings daily of fruits and vegetables:
Be sure to eat vegetables and fruits at 3 Ben-daily rations that reduce the risk of heart attack by 70%.
9. Replacing honey for sugar:
When sweetening tea or milk you use honey for sugar and its ability to strengthen the immune and anti-microbial.
10. A good choice for sunglasses:
Must provide sunglasses good protection from the sun's ultraviolet rays that can lead to injury cataracts or blindness in old age, so make sure all care when buying glasses to make sure of good quality.      
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