Wet Circuits | The Safest Power Strip

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Designed by Wet Circuits product for which a new limit of the dangers of fire, electric shock, and is a distributed electrical resistance of the water, and prevent electrical shocks caused by the spill water or insert metal objects, and the challenge of the fires that can cause the wires degraded and the large number of wires Related to ...

We have designed this with a view to distributed electricity to be water-resistant, it contains special materials reduce the flow of electricity when you spill water, the devices can continue to work and to protect it from damage. And this product helps to protect children from electrical shocks that may lead to death and resulting from the inclusion of metal objects as keys, hair pins ...

 Prevent this distributed electrical fires caused by the deterioration of the wiring or the large number of devices connected, where he stopped the flow of electricity when the temperature of the socket between 105 and 115 degrees Celsius. and also prevents the occurrence of blue sparks during connection plug socket.

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