Treatment of Raynaud Disease

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Treatment of Raynaud's disease

In simple cases, the treatment by avoiding the causes of Raynaud's attack. And by:


       Protection from the cold by wearing a head scarf, socks, and gloves.

       Wear gloves especially when you bring food from the freezer.

       In the winter you can wear socks and gloves while sleeping.

In severe cases of the disease could resort to drug therapy, which aims to reduce the number of episodes and severity of disease and treatment of any other disease in combination with Raynaud's disease.


       Mglqat calcium channel drugs Calcium channel blockers: working to expand and energizes the small blood vessels in hands and feet. And these drugs reduce the recurrent bouts of Raynaud's severity and in 70% of those infected.

       Drugs Mglqat Alpha Alpha blockers: is working to expand the blood vessels.

       Extenders vascular Vasodilators.

And the patient must avoid certain medications that can make it vulnerable to repeated bouts of Raynaud's example, some medicines used to treat high blood pressure and heart disease, such as Albroobranolol (Alindral) propranolol - Inderal, and oral contraceptives.


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