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Obtain the technological development of everything around us, why does not extend to car keys, too?! Here's this amazing evolution of the car key is traditional at all:

Imagine that the piece transparent glass you see in the picture is in fact a sophisticated phone that works as a key to an Aston Martin!!

This phone carries the name of the CPT002 and wirelessly connect to the car Aston Martin to open the door for you automatically once you approach the car and keeps you in touch screen car wherever you are!

The strange result of this innovation cooperation Mobaido Canadian company specialized in the manufacture of phones and luxury Aston Martin specialized in the manufacture of luxury cars, the main objective of the phone CPT002 is the transfer of wealth Kalves social networking sites Facebook and Twitter into the hands of the driver!

The phone connects alien GPS device that is located in the car and will be able to select your friends close to you who are using similar technology, and will house the car on the camera connected to information system able to identify distinctive places with her ??side, for you (if you want) to send pictures and Thdthiat going on Facebook and sites Social itinerary of your trip and the places they pass out!!

In cases of accidents will be used to develop and the speed of the phone in your pocket to calculate the rate Tasarek forward as a result of the collision, and then calculate the size and speed of the air bag, which will open in your face carefully so as not to make you injury side !

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