Take time to do nothing

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Time for gathering your thoughts.

Time to feel the warmth of the sun.

Time to listen to the sounds of nature.

That you have a lot of events that fill your day, and she pushes you through your life. And lets you busy without the memory and clear about the things that you did.

But if you stopped and took time to put your expectations and your tables aside and went on a tour on foot instead of eating lunch, I remembered that time, free of any reflection on the only goal more clearly from the busy day.

The real life is at times free of them, it is located in the calm periods, the Times planned to use every minute of it a job done.

You need that exists for the things that are not as present for the things that already exist.

Because you need to realize the magnitude of things.

Across the sky.

And view horizon.

The things you see is the measure you are.

The meditation is your life like your business.

Be more edgy and eager where reflections converge with Mhatk wrong.

The truth is all gather there and determine your identity.


I try everything

I am not bound by anything.

I am the world has become.
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