Symptoms of Raynaud's disease

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Symptoms of Raynaud's disease depends on the unit and the length of constriction of blood vessels and the recurrence of this contract.

The symptoms include the following:


       Change the color of the skin when exposed to cold or stress. Where in the beginning to the skin turns white and then becomes a blue color with a sense of cold, numbness and loss of sensation in this part of the skin. And with improved blood circulation and exposure to warm air restores the natural skin color red again.

       And usually occurs in the fingers of the hands and toes. But can occur elsewhere in the body such as nose, lips, or ear. And may continue to shift one minute or in some cases may last several hours.

Usually diagnosed Raynaud's disease through the symptoms suffered by the patient. And a doctor may test the so-called cold-simulation test where the patient put his hands in cool water and follow the doctor changes that occur in his hands. And the doctor may ask some medical tests to make sure there is no disease accompanied him.


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