The spark that ignited the whole Arab

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Bouazizi lit himself in retaliation for his dignity and to protest against corruption and fight it out in a living

Before the night of igniting a fruit vendor, roaming Mohammed Bouazizi fire that killed him, burned and hit sparked all over the Arab world, Moroccans, he told his mother that the oranges, dates and apples in his possession one of the best in the opinion of his eyes and he would sell it the next day and buy her some gifts, as return The Washington Post From reading these events.
Bouazizi said to his mother that "good day tomorrow."
For many years, was Bouazizi occurs mother of corruption that prevails in the fruit market, and is considered by police a breeding ground for them they take them bags of fruit without a price, not even a gesture of thanks, and enjoy humiliating vendors and ridicule them, but not allowed in the humiliation of being forced to carry the fruits that they took her forcibly to their cars .
Before the dawn of December 17 the first payment Bouazizi his vehicle in the alleys trying to make his way to the fruit market. Intercepted by police and tried to confiscate his goods. Bouazizi uncle saw the incident rushed to the rescue of his nephew and tried to convince police that the man call completes his way to the market in search of livelihood.
Uncle went to the police officer and asked for help, responded to the officer and asked the police Fadia Hamdi, who stopped Bouazizi, accompanied by two other police officers that left him alone. Police responded but enraged for a connection with Bouazizi Palmomor.
Anger and revengeI went to the market later and began the confiscation of goods Bouazizi and established the first fruit basket in her car and when I started to carry the basket the second was intercepted by Bouazizi, according to Aladdin Badri seller who works on a cart beside the stroller Bouazizi.
Badri said "I paid Mohammed and struck the Behrautea."
Police then tried to take the balance of Bouazizi, and try again prevented, then it is paid Rafiqaha Vooukaoh the ground and took the balance. Subsequently, the police under the guidance of Bouazizi slap on the face in front of about 50 witnesses.
Bouazizi Ben Ali visited the hospital (French)Bouazizi then attributed to the same burst and cry from the intensity of shame.
According to vendors and other witnesses who were on the scene, yelled Bouazizi Bachartip saying, "Why are you doing this to me? I am a simple man, I just want to work."
BoilingAfter blow, Bouazizi went to the lobby and asked the city to meet one of the officials. Said to him, the employee, and both asked him to go home and forget the topic. Returned to the market and told his colleagues that vendors will know the whole world who has suffered the injustice and corruption in the system.
He will ignite the fire in the same.
Another vendor in the market named Hassan said, "We think it's just talk."
After that, brought to the market vendors had heard sounds of screaming is heard from nearby.
Mohammed Bouazizi, and without saying anything after he said to his colleagues in the market, stood in front of the municipal building and poured himself a diluted paint (thinner) and set himself on fire.
Caught fire, the faster people and brought the fire extinguisher but it was empty. Contacted the police, but no one came. Did not reach the ambulance but after an hour and a half of ignition Bouazizi himself on fire.
Bouazizi's mother said her son's decision came "in response to improvised as a result of the humiliation he suffered." Agrorgueta the blue eyes with tears when her husband put a pot of hot coals beside her feet. Embers is the only way owned by the family Bouazizi for the prevention of colds. This family has no money or car, no electricity, but poverty is not reason to sacrifice himself as Mohammed says his mother. It is the struggle for dignity.
Review processBouazizi mother says that the former Tunisian President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali visited her son in hospital and carried out a review when handed a check for 10 thousand dinars (approximately 7.2 thousand dollars), but that the check was confiscated from her hands after the completion of the imaging process.
The mother said, "I did not get anything from the amount of the check."
After three weeks of burning himself, died in hospital Bouazizi, who was lying in it.
At the beginning of the month of January last, was arrested on conditional Fadia Hamdi, but it was too late.

The spark ignited a fire that had ignited Mohammed Bouazizi Tunisia. Then reached then to Egypt, Yemen, Bahrain, Jordan, Syria, Libya, Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries. The Ben Ali has fled.


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