Pacman Poster Illusion so Amazing

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Hey everyone. I love this style of illusion and thought pacman would be perfect for it. This illusion uses the same concept as the rubiks cube poster. This video is not about creating a new concept, it's about a new design being applied to a concept. (Think of it like a painter using
the same lighting and shading techniques for each painting he creates.)

I've included links to templates so you can make this poster at home.

Basically cut all the white areas out, fold and tape.

This middle link represent the middle section of the poster. The top link represents the left side and the bottom link represents the right.

The poster will work with only 1 middle section ..but I used 2 in this video. You can use as many as you'd like.

A lot of people ask if the illusion works in person. The illusion actually works much better in person. It works best if you close one eye and then move back and forth. The effect stands out so much almost makes you dizzy. If you stand far enough back can even get the illusion to work with both eyes open ..which looks pretty amazing as well.

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