Open Heart Surgery

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Launches naming process open-heart operations performed heart such as correcting congenital heart defects Congenital heart defects, or processes the heart valves Valvular heart diseases, or coronary artery disease coronary arteries and is the work of opening or incision chest, and being open heart or not take place, depending On the type of surgery that will work.

And open heart surgery is surgery, high-tech, and carried out by an integrated team of doctors and nurses qualified and well-trained and multi-disciplinary, and are made to operations room equipped with numerous and advanced technology such as computers and robots are robots, and monitors the heart and vital functions in the body.

It has become the definition of open heart surgery confused since the use of slots surgery small for this procedure, in open-heart surgery traditional uses heart-lung machine heart-lung mahcine, which provides oxygen-rich blood to the heart and other vital organs the body with the stop pulse of the heart during surgery, and operations Conducted recently and used the spare surgical small they are made during the heart rate and without the need for heart-lung machine during surgery, which is still considered to be open-heart surgery, and also processes in which the intervention is less Jura minimally invasive heart surgery, which include cardiac surgery supported robot robotic-assisted heart surgery is also still considered open heart surgery, which is used for some patients as an alternative to surgery that used the heart-lung machine.

Reasons of Surgery:

When there is a shot of coronary arteries of the heart is connected to one end of a patch of saphenous vein aorta artery and the other end the bottom of the Sudd place to work and transferred to the blood stream away from the position of the dam

       When a defect heart valves prevent blockage well - such as mitral valve, which exists between the left atrium and left ventricle - that help open heart surgery to repair valve dysfunction.
When there is congenital heart defect.
Heart transplant.


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