Neato Robotic Vacuum

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How I wished to be cleaning the house more comfortable, even the existence of modern machinery in modern houses but they require considerable effort to get a satisfactory result.

But it seems that the future will be brighter, and will carry a lot of leisure time that allows the housewife to exercise favorite hobbies without default in the duties of the house everyday ........

We see today's broom "Neto" produced by Neato Robotics, which operates without the need for those who moved right and left!

Neato is a sweeper equipped with a laser to determine around carefully, and the push of a button you can detect for furniture, doors and walls at an angle 360 degrees to run automatically without the hit or fall, without leaving the corner or edge, it also works on all types of floors.

Upon completion of the synagogues, or if she needs to charge its battery, they go to the place ofthe shipper and the same up until the date of its next task, which can be determined in advance too!



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