Marussia B2 Car

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This elegant sports car is Marussia B2 can access the speed of 0 to 100 miles per hour in just 3.2 seconds maximum speed of 260 miles per hour..

Marussia Russian company to produce this car from its factory in Moscow, and the company describes itself as the first company to manufacture luxury sports cars in Russia.

This car comes as an update of the car Marussia B1, which aroused the attention of experts, the automotive world, but it has been a test car had not been transferred to the production never

The car weighs 1100 kilograms, and used engine 3.5-liter V6 gives it the power of 420 hp. As for the price amounts to U.S. $ 140 440 
Technical details are still accurate for this car is not yet clear, but the pictures alone says it will be a significant competitor in the world of super sports cars .







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