Lettuce pain reliever and sedative to the nerves and blood cleaner

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Lettuce Lettuce herbaceous plant and the origin of wild plants is called a very Balfronip Abu scientists have found the seeds in some ancient Egyptian tombs, and there is so species such as syphilis, lettuce and reddish greasy lettuce.
Grow lettuce in the spring and used its leaves as a feedstock in the authorities know the lettuce scientifically as Sativa Lactuca platoon of the vehicle, the original home of Lkhos West Asia and southern Europe, the contents of the lettuce Chemical: Contains lettuce on the fatty substances and materials Broconip and materials of metal from the most important iron and phosphorus, calcium, copper, iodine, chlorine, arsenic and Alloict and beta carotene and zinc, magnesium and cobalt.
It also contains vitamins such as vitamin A, B, C is also known as olive oil, sweet oil, lettuce is very rich in vitamin E is known to help in reproduction and infertility treatment.
It also contains a substance Allactoukarion soothing to the nerves.
Why did the ancients for lettuce? I found the seeds of lettuce in the effects of Pharaonic, and found his inscriptions many of them engraved image of the God of fertility and reproduction famous in Luxor was jammed under his feet, piles of lettuce, also found several patterns of different fruit on the walls of Pharaonic tombs has been mentioned lettuce in Papyrus Eiberz medical thirteen The prescription for the treatment of pain side and kill the worms and the flu acute and satiety, and making ancient Egyptians houses topically for inflammation of the finger came in Papyrus Hearst recipe spot to relieve the pain of burns and as an alarm to the ability of sexual and high level of fertility, and found scientifically that lettuce has really amounts of vitamin E on the process of fertilization.
He knew the horse lettuce before the birth of Christ, three hundred years old and planted three varieties from the Greeks and the Romans increased their dividends in the Aimanm huge help them to digest.
It has been said that the Roman emperor Auguste recovered from liver disease and lettuce juice is told that the doctor Dikurides in the first century BC it was the habit of eating lettuce to calm the nerves and muscles.
He told Al-Razi on lettuce lettuce cut and fit the thirst of the liver and prevents vomiting.
And Ibn Sina: lettuce fast digestion if used in the middle of drinking to prevent the symptoms of diabetes .. Benefit from the tumors warm and reddish coating, benefit from the wholesome delirium of thirst and heat inflammation of the stomach and eat pickled appetizing to eat benefit from jaundice and generates urine and menstrual ..
And said that Ibn Al-Bitar benefit of tumors, Hypnotize and removes iPod boiled and raw, wholesome thirst and heat of the stomach.
What did he say about modern medicine? Confirmed recent research interest lettuce in reproduction and infertility treatment because it contains vitamin E, a tranquilizer because it contains Allactoukariom that the most important influence to calm the nerves, is also used lettuce moisturizer residence for the mother and cleanser for the blood and soothing and Melina is good for constipation because it contains a large amount of fiber as well as nourishing and restorative of sight because it contains a vitamin. Also affect the absorption of unpleasant odors because it contains chlorophyll, which absorbs odors from the body, therefore, used directly after eating garlic and onions to get rid of Raianehma Alkrehtin, and is one of the most important material is moist of the stomach and diuretic and laxative, and sedative for cough severe as he resists stomach acid especially seeds that are used Kmsknp and hypnotic, and used the lettuce for the treatment of skin infections and erysipelas and pain of burns, where leaves are used fresh Lkhos in the form of Plasters spot to relieve pain, removal of tumors, infections and can be used Allzqat average of once to twice a day.
Can also use lettuce leaves cooked with olive oil Kalpkhat on boils, abscesses, blisters and bruises and the boiling of paper and added to the rose water and washed by the tired eyes Virihha addresses the swelling of the eyelids ghusl must be wary of eating lettuce without sterilizes Because lettuce is in contact with soil may be soil contaminated with sewage health where it can cause the lettuce in the transmission of typhoid, dysentery and tapeworms, otherwise, therefore, must be washed well with water and the sheet of paper.
It is preferred only address the lettuce or watercress or radish or turnips or leeks or parsley or cilantro or green onions before we put it in a solution of potassium permanganate which placed some crystals of the permanganate in a large bowl by the amount of water sufficient to submerge the lettuce or other vegetables last in and the movement of these crystals until the crystals melt and add water until the color pink and then filled with the vegetables and leave it for half an hour and then pushed from the pot and rinsed with clean water and be ready to eat sterile of any bacteria.


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