JavaScript creator joins Google

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Advertise an innovative Java-James Joslanj for joining the company Google, after he refused many tempting offers to him, but what you will be the spiritual father of JavaScript?

Joslanj himself does not know what you will and that he has said in his blog that will work on many things here and there, but most forecasts are in the work with the developers of Android that uses the JavaScript, and may help Joslanj to make Android better, as some have thought that Joslanj may help In strengthening the Google site before Oracle filed a patent infringement case due to the use Android for some parts of the JavaScript.

Since I expect these days than the scope, I think that Google will re-build Android or at least a large part with the assistance Joslanj, or that the company wants to produce its own programming language, and Google is able to act Monday, where has the money and personnel to do so .

Google Is Really Amazing
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