Japan: finding survivors under the rubble and «Fukushima» out of service

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Announced the Japanese government's spokesman yesterday that he decided to lay off a Fukushima nuclear plant after a series of incidents witnessed by the reactors after the devastating earthquake and tsunami that followed on March 11 (March).Said Yukio Oidanu during a press conference «After the objective study of the state of the station, I think that the station Fukushima Daichi (No. 1) will not work again».But he said that the decision depends not only on the government because the station is owned by Tokyo Electric Power Corporation (Tbeko), one of the largest private electricity companies in Japan.The station 1 on the coast of Fukushima prefecture about 250 km northeast of Tokyo, and is considered obsolete because they were built in the seventies of the last century.There are six reactors at the station working with boiling water has been severely damaged by the earthquake of magnitude 9 degrees, followed by a massive tsunami swept all north-east coast.And hit four of six reactors because of explosions and fires that took place as well as the use of seawater for cooling.Police also announced yesterday to find survivors under the rubble in the city of Oychenomaki stricken nine days after the devastating earthquake and tsunami that swept through north-eastern Japan.The police spokesman Oychenomaki that the survivors were a woman in the eighty-year-old boy was in the sixteenth had been pulled from under the rubble.The Hrarthma was low but the elders have been rescued and transferred to hospital by helicopter.It announced that the Japanese authorities yesterday for the high death toll from the earthquake that hit the country 10 days ago to 8133 people, in what is still 12 272 people were missing, at the time of declaring the authorities that they threw away the water for the first time over reactor No. 4 station in Fukushima nuclear with start in the launch of the air that contains radioactive material from the reactor No. 3 to relieve pressure.


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