Herbs to alleviate the sense of sadness and depression

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- Lime and Balm:

Linden tree reaches a height of 30 meters, with smooth gray bark and leaves a heart attack. The user part of which flowers are yellow. Known scientifically as linden Tilia Lenden. And the flowers contain flavonoids and especially Alkwyilandzin Alcamverol acid and caffeine and fluid materials and acid tannins and volatile oil and linden flowers are used as an antidote to the willies and the intense emotions and depression. The Alternecat and scientifically known as Melissa officinalis, a perennial plant height of up to 15 meters with a small white flowers. Contains volatile oil and flavonoids and turbines and three phenols and acids, tannins. The impact is antispasmodic and tonic for the nerves and interferon. And method of use is to take a teaspoon of filling mixture Mshouki linden flowers and Alturnjan in equal proportions and placed in the fill cup boiling water and leave for ten minutes, then drain and drink by cup after each meal.

-Vervan and Marjoram:

Verbena perennial plant reaches a height of one meter and has solid legs and ears purple vase with a blank. Part of the plant used: all aerial parts. Verbena is known scientifically as Verbena Officinalis and contains Eridoeidat time and most important of Frnpin Vrenbalin as well as volatile oil and alkaloids and fluid materials. And using the tonic and nerve tonic and stimulant for the secretion of bile and as an antidote to the emotions and calm the soul. The Marjoram Marjoram has talked a lot about him, a herb Muammar user part from aerial parts and contains a volatile oil contains thymol and Alcarvakol Afsip materials and resin materials and flavonoids. And is used against stomach ache, heart and comfortable to the nerves, head and how you can use a combination Verbena and Marjoram is to take a teaspoon of powder Verbena and spoon other small Marjoram and placed all in a cup and then pour it boiling water and cover and simmer for 10 minutes after stirring and then filtered and added his honey and drink the rate cup one after every meal.
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